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Zippy Systems : Problem solved
We have encountered a few general probems over the years that we have had to resolve. Here are a few that feel worthy of passing on.
Outlook Hanging
Outlook runs slowly, hanging for up to 30 seconds when a button is clicked or message opened. High processor utilisation when this occurs.
Close Outlook. Locate the file Outcmd.dat and rename it, it is corrupt or excessively large. Outlook will re-create it when it is reopened. It is normally found in the users documents and settings in the following sub directory : Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\outcmd.dat
Windows XP slow to shutdown
Encountered on a Windows XP machine, with the automatic updates but no regular network access. The machine began taking a very long time to shutdown. The machine had not been updated recently apart from anti-virus. Checking the event log revealed a large number of log entries from the Automatic Update.
Switch off automatic updates completely.
Cannot reopen socket
A server application was failing to re-open a listening port and was already using SO_REUSEADDR. A reboot was required to get the server running again.
The server process was restarting long lived processes and it was found that, although not used, the child process was inheriting a copy of the socket descriptor. To resolve this you must set the close on exec bit for the socket in the server process as follows:-

int flags;
flags = fcntl( fd, F_GETFD);
flags |= FD_CLOEXEC;
fcntl( fd, F_SETFD, flags );
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