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Zippy Systems first worked with IBIS Ltd in 1996. This was on a large broadcast automation system, using the then OS9/VME based Landscape automation. This system was originally setup in Luxembourg but ultimately moved to the Spanish capital Madrid. Zippy Systems has worked closely with IBIS ever since even though they do not now supply the Landscape automation system. Alan Hill separated from IBIS in 2003 to form Avocet with Landscape as the main product. We work closely with Avocet supporting and developing the automation system.

Avocet's Transmission Automation System has come a long way since the early days. It is now based on the QNX operating system running on hardware hundreds of times faster. With the odd trips from as far west as Las Vegas (NAB) as far east as Hong Kong and places like Israel and Sarajevo with many more regular visits to Lisbon, Wales, Luxembourg and of course Amsterdam or IBC we look forward to the future.

Zippy Systems has expertise in the following areas :-
C (K&R)ANSI C C++C#Objective-C Dynamic C
Korn shellHTML PHPSQLJavaScript Delphi (5)
FTPXML HTTPFiltergraphsRabbit MOS
Unix Windows QNX iOS OS9 (Microware) VMWare
Mac Ajax Altova XMLSpy

Memorable quote : "Dan is very good at solving other people's problems". John Philips, Technical Director, Dowty Computer Graphics
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